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Holiday Party Outfit 12

And the last post for today!

Holiday Party Outfit 11

The second set for today!

Holiday Party Outfit 10

Hello guys! So here we are only a day before the New Years Eve! So these are the last sets i will do for holiday outfits. I hope you enjoy them!

Holiday Party Outfit 9

This is another post for today! I hope you enjoy it!

Holiday Party Outfit 8

Hello fashion lovers! Here I am again, continuing with the holiday outfit posts. I hope you like them!

Holiday Party Outfit 7

Hello again! This is the second post for today, so i hope you like it! This combination i made a while ago so some of the items may be out of stock, but as i said they are only to give you a idea, so you can combine your outfits or find something on sale on the links i put down below.

Holiday Party Outfit 6

Hello guys ! It's just a couple days before the New Years Eve, so i decided to show you some combination ideas! Enjoy.

Holiday Party Outfit 5

Another post for today! Enjoy!

Holiday Party Outfit 4

Hello guys! Here I am with another post. I hope you like it.

Holiday Party Outfit 3

Hello guys! Here is another post for today. The inspiration for this set was the song Still Falling For You by Ellie Goulding. Hope you enjoy it!

Holiday Party Outfit 2

Hello again! Here is another combination post for a holiday party! I hope you enjoy it. But before you start I suggest you play some music, that way you get in the spirit of the outfit. I, myself listened to Love On The Brain by Rihanna. Must say it that the performance was masterpiece, with that powerfull voice she has.

Holiday Party Outfit 1

Hello guys! Because it is a holiday season and it is 4 days till Christmas, also about 2 weeks till New Year, i decided to write more about holiday party combinations, that way maybe I can be helpful for you.

Holiday Feeling!

Hello everyone! Let's get started with another fashion post for today. This set I did today is a chic combination, which can be a perfect choice for a business attire or party attire.

Winter Party Outfit!

This is the second post for today. Because there are too many occasions in this season, I decided to write more about classic-elegant combinations. So let's get started! #goldendays by nissaat featuring clip earrings
Chi Chi blue dress
The dress costs $96. Find it online in the link -

Santoni pumps
The pumps cost $1394. Find them online in the link -

Rodo clutch
The bag costs $339. Find it online in the link -

Oscar de la Renta clip earrings
The price of the earrings was $473, but now are on sale and cost $378. Find them online in the link -

Lovely Cocktail Dress!

Hello again guys! Here I amagain with another combination. For today's post I decided to write about the elegant combination. I hope you enjoy it.

Sexy and Chic!

Hello Fashion Lovers! As you all already know I am here to write another post about fashion. This combination I did a while ago, but I wanted to shareit with you because I fell in love with each piece on the set.

Own The Look!

Hello Fashion Lovers! Here I am today with another post. For today I decided to write a paragraph about a casual winter outfit. I had too much fun doing this set so i hope you enjoy it too. 

Cute Little Dress!

Here is another post from me today. The first one was more elegant- formal combination, but this one a classy-chic combination, which also can be an idea for Christmas party or New Years Eve party. I hope this dress tips, heels, tips or jewelry tips are helpful for you.

Elegant Women!

Hello again guys! Here I am with another post. For this paragraph I decided to write about an elegant outfit combination. This months there are too many celebrations, starting with Christmas parties, New Years Eve parties, even too many winter weddings. For this set I chose a gown that is more appropriate for big parties or more formal occasions. So let’s get started!

Look Sexy And Elegant!

Hello again guys! Today I am here with another combination I made a while ago. In this set I decided to give you some tips how to combine your outfit, so you can look glamorous and sexy at the same time.
When I was doing this combination the inspiration was the song Slumber Party by Britney Spears featuring Tinashe. It’s just that the reggae-pop song gave me this “Look Sexy” feeling and I am sure if you listen to it you will get that feeling too.

Winter Style Idea!

 Winter Style Idea!
Hi guys! Here I am today with another paragraph. This combination I choosed today is more of a casual chic, winter style. The weather is chilly and I thought it would be helpful for some winter outfit combination ideas. So let’s get started.

Elegant Outfit Idea!

Hello guys. Today I decided to write about this combination I made a while ago. This season there are too many things to celebrate, so I thought it might be helpful to write about more elegant style and combinations. 

URBANCODE FLOSSY CHUBBY COAT, MULTIThis fur jacket is the first piece of this combination. It is very trendy this year. With its layers of icy and wintry faux furs detailed with Mongolian wool, the chubby coat is from brand Urbancode. This elegant bohemian design features different textured shells made from a variety of sumptuous fabrics, while other details include long sleeves, a round neckline and a concealed popper fastening down the centre front. Layer over your evening outfitting for a true touch of luxe this season. The price of the coat is €420.19. You can find it online here:

ELIE SAAB LONG-SLEEVE EMBELLISHED JUMPSUIT- Elie Saab is an amazing fashion designer, with lots of amazing collections. Every year he does something that leaves u…

Justin Bieber Purpose World Tour - Zagreb

Hey guys, here I am with another paragraph. But this time I decided to write something else and not fashion. Something I really like too, Music!
So in 9th of November, 2016 I went to a Justin Bieber Purpose Concert in Zagreb, Croatia. I must say it was an amazing concert and worth going.
I always liked his music, I can say that I grew up listening to his music, from the fact that we are the same age. Anyways, his previous albums were amazing and I think he showed too many times how much of a talent he has with everything he does. But Purpose, yeah that album was something different. I personally can say that in most of the songs in this album I found things related to me, that helped me so much in different phases in my life.
“Purpose” album was the real Justin. The album showed us the person beyond the lights, his true personality and feelings. And this created a much stronger bond between his beliebers and him.

Fashion Tips!

Hello guys I am here today to give you some fashion tips, which most of the time we don’t pay attention and make the mistakes that make our outfit look wrong in some ways.
All the girls or woman out there that are 1.60 or less tall need to pay attention to many details, because of their height they can make lot of mistakes and look even shorter than they are, one of them is ME.

Everyday outfit choices!

In today's life there are to many different styles. Each one of them shows a different characters and cultures. Also there are different styles for every season and we are lucky that now we have too many choices, starting from the cheapest to the most expensive clothes. Today I decided to write you about a set I made, with the shiny colours, which are very trendy this year.

VIKA GAZINSKAYA CROPPED WOOL-BOUCLE TURTLENECK SWEATER- The blue knitwear turtleneck sweater look amazing and is very trendy this year. This piece has an exaggerated cropped silhouette and wide cocoon-like sleeves. It looks very comfy and warm for the autumn and winter season. The colour is beautiful which can be combinated easily. The price of the top is €687 and you can find it online here :

Miss Selfridge Mid Wash Denim Mini Skirt- The skirt is the second piec…

10 Style Tips To Look Thinner!

Hey guys! Today a decided to write a post about some style tips. Every girls problem is their weight and every one of us have their insecurities about our look. But it doesn't mean we can't "fix" them and look just the way we want. So here are some tips to look thinner with the fashion choices you make.

Party outfit idea!

Hello guys! Here I am again with another fashion post. Today I decided to give you some information and tips about elegance fashion. From the day I can remember I’ve been addicted to classy and elegance fashion. I just love how there are to many designers in this category of fashion. I can proudly say that Zuhair Murad is my fashion idol. The work he is doing is amazing and incredible. So today I chose to share with you this set that I did a while ago.

Make the right choices in everyday outfits!

Everyday life is crazy and dynamic, which leaves us with difficult choices we have to make during the day, of course starting with our outfit.
The clothes we wear show most of our character as a person. They can describe a part of ourselfs, that’s why we have to be careful and specific when we choose what we want or need to wear for the day.  In all this, it’s important that we also feel comfortable and confident in our outfit, that’s why I am here go give you some tips with the style combinations and color choices you have to make when you choose your outfit.