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10 Style Tips To Look Thinner!

Hey guys! Today a decided to write a post about some style tips. Every girls problem is their weight and every one of us have their insecurities about our look. But it doesn't mean we can't "fix" them and look just the way we want. So here are some tips to look thinner with the fashion choices you make.

Party outfit idea!

Hello guys! Here I am again with another fashion post. Today I decided to give you some information and tips about elegance fashion. From the day I can remember I’ve been addicted to classy and elegance fashion. I just love how there are to many designers in this category of fashion. I can proudly say that Zuhair Murad is my fashion idol. The work he is doing is amazing and incredible. So today I chose to share with you this set that I did a while ago.

Make the right choices in everyday outfits!

Everyday life is crazy and dynamic, which leaves us with difficult choices we have to make during the day, of course starting with our outfit.
The clothes we wear show most of our character as a person. They can describe a part of ourselfs, that’s why we have to be careful and specific when we choose what we want or need to wear for the day.  In all this, it’s important that we also feel comfortable and confident in our outfit, that’s why I am here go give you some tips with the style combinations and color choices you have to make when you choose your outfit. 

Neon Nailart!

Ok, so the inspiration of this paragraph was the song Neon Lights by the amazing singer Demi Lovato. Just the beat of the music gave me this summer feeling , which lead me to this nailart.

In todays life one of the ‘must have’ things in every girls list are manicured nails. But no one can blame us right? With all these adorable, gorgeous or even crazy nailarts that we have nowadays it’s hard not to want some for ourselfs. That’s why today I decided to write something about nailart or we can even say nail fashion, which have became something important and eyecatching.

Autumn Colors