10 Style Tips To Look Thinner!

Hey guys! Today a decided to write a post about some style tips. Every girls problem is their weight and every one of us have their insecurities about our look. But it doesn't mean we can't "fix" them and look just the way we want. So here are some tips to look thinner with the fashion choices you make.

1. First, high waisted pants, with wide legs are instant body transformers. The style works as an immediate waist cincher and lengthens the legs and are just as effective on shorter frames.

 2. Choose dark colored jeans (specially black and navy) and have a slightly tapered leg. Or straight jeans in a dark wash that hit exactly at your ankle and it will elongate your body, especially when paired with ankle boots.

 3. When your trying to be classy and sexy at the same time then a knee-length pencil skirt is the perfect choice and the most universally flattering silhouette, which fits the body perfectly. But don’t forget the darker colours make you look thinner.

4. Choose Heels With a Low-Cut Vamp, this way your leg will look longer even when you wear a knee-length skirt or dress. They elongate and slenderize your leg when you are wearing skirts or shorts.

5. Choose dresses with vertical stripes, because they create long lines which make us look longer,but don’t forget they are very trendy too.

6. Always put a skinny belt with cinch dresses and shirts, because they define your waist perfectly. 

7. Show some skin up the top part of your body. For example the V neck dresses, shirts or blouses makes your neckline look longer.

8. Chose an outfit with the same colour, for example pants and a blazer with the same colour, it creates a vertical line which makes you look thinner.

9. Use a necklace that will take attention away from your body. Gourgeous and sparkly necklace will help you with that.

10. Choose the right fabrics for your outfit, as cotton, denim, silk, that don’t add volume. Some fabrics are the right choice and make you look thinner.

I hope that you like this paragraph and it helps you. I will be back with another post. Have a great day.


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