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Valentine's Day Date 5

Hello guys! Here today is another post about Valentine's Day. Must say this one is a little bit crazy, in a good way of course,  specially for those who always try to be different from the others. The inspirational song Into You by Ariana Grande. Enjoy!

Valentine's Day Date 4

Hello again! Here is the second post for today! Inpirational song I Got You by Bebe Rexha. Enjoy!

Valentine's Day Date 3

Hello guys! Here is another post for Valentine's Day. Hope you enjoy it. The inspirational song Love Me Now by John Legend.

Valentine's Day Date 2

Hello again guys! Before you start, i suggest you play Ed Sheeran- Shape of you. Here goes another post for today.

Valentine's Day Date 1

Hello guys! It's been a while, but here I am again. I decided to share some combinations i did about Valentine's Day and give you some ideas about your outfit. I also will add some sings in the sets, so we all get in the spirit of this holiday. For this set I suggest the new single by Taylor Swift ft. ZAYN - I don't wanna live forever . And now let's get started!