Neon Nailart!

Ok, so the inspiration of this paragraph was the song Neon Lights by the amazing singer Demi Lovato. Just the beat of the music gave me this summer feeling , which lead me to this nailart.

In todays life one of the ‘must have’ things in every girls list are manicured nails. But no one can blame us right? With all these adorable, gorgeous or even crazy nailarts that we have nowadays it’s hard not to want some for ourselfs. That’s why today I decided to write something about nailart or we can even say nail fashion, which have became something important and eyecatching.

Neon colours where discovered many many years ago and I don’t want to start with the history of that now, because I know it can get boring, so let’s focus in todays chapter. We can find neon colours literally in everything, starting with lights, outfits, footwear, jewelry, nails, in makeup specially lipgloss and also in hair highlights, I know maybe it sounds a little crazy, but it’s true. They were and still are very trendy colours, mostly chosen in summer season, that have this attention taking thing. Even in sports we see that most of the uniforms are designed in neon colours and I must say they look like really good.


I decided to show you some of nail arts I have done with neon colours. As you can see in the pictures we have a light blue colour, a yellow colour and a pink colour, which look like a normal colours in a light, but have a different look in the dark. They are too fancy and cool, specially for summer party nights. So, ladies if you want to get attention, you don’t have to worry about anything, just put some nailart and you will be burning up like neon lights.

Now I am going to tell you how I have done my neon nailart, maybe it can be helpful for someone out there.
I am telling you this because it’s important to remember . I used acrylic paints for this nailart, because it is cheaper than nail varnish and goes much further too. Also with acrylic paints mixing colours is better and the paint dries faster.
 1.First of all I use a nail clipper to trim my nails, so they are all even and then I use a nail file to give my nails a good smooth edge.

2.After that I use a cuticle pusher to push back my cuticles, to make sure that I am gluing my fake nails to my nails and not my skin.

Cuticle pusher

3.Then I use a nail buffer to buff my nails, which made it easy to glue the fake nails.

Nail buffer

4. I put the basecoat to my nails and after I make sure that the fake nails fit over my real nails I glue them to my nails.

Base coat
5. I wait for them to dry and then trim the fake nails in the size I want them to be. Then I use a nail file to file them into oval shape.

6. I mix my acrylic powder and acrylic liquid to get my acryl, which I put on my fake nails. You can see from the picture.

                                 Acrylic powder                                                                         Acrylic liquid 
7.Then again I buff my fake nails one more time, to make sure that they are straight.

8. In the end I put my colour want for my nails, which in this picture is a neon colour. But if you want you can also do a design with colours or glue some sparkles on your nails. It is up to you. To finish my work I add the top coat to my nails.

                                                                        Top Coat

I hope that this tips will help you in any way. I will be back with some more fashion informations, stay tuned and have a great day. 

And if you liked it and tried it yourself, then let’s celebrate it with the song :D 
Here you go :


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