Make the right choices in everyday outfits!

Everyday life is crazy and dynamic, which leaves us with difficult choices we have to make during the day, of course starting with our outfit.
The clothes we wear show most of our character as a person. They can describe a part of ourselfs, that’s why we have to be careful and specific when we choose what we want or need to wear for the day.  In all this, it’s important that we also feel comfortable and confident in our outfit, that’s why I am here go give you some tips with the style combinations and color choices you have to make when you choose your outfit. 

This outfit combination that I made today, as much as I want, is not a part of my wardrobe. But with these sets I am trying to be helpful for the people who need some advice about combinations. So, today I decided to make a casual outfit set. As you can see in the picture, it shows more of a street style with a urban touch.
First of all, I want to talk separately for all the items I have used in the set. The set was inspired by the Bomber Jacket, which is the special item of the set.


The Needle & Thread Cinder Lace Bomber was the first piece and the inspiration of the set. The moment I saw it I knew what I wanted to do with it. Bomber Jackets are trendy this year, specially for this season of autumn. The embroidered folk bomber jacket features a relaxed cropped fit with an elastic waistband and cuffs. It is a product of Needle & Thread, which is a London- based British contemporary clothing design brand launched by Hannah Coffin and Stephen Craig. The bomber jackets flowers are hand work with beads it self screams confidence and it helps you to stand out in people eyes. It is a perfect choice for an outfit. The price of the bomber jacket is €378. You can find it online here : 

The Light Blue Ripped Knee Boyfriend Jeans were the second piece of the set, which I already had in mind. As we all know this year boyfriend jeans were very popular, specially ripped ones. They give us this cool aura when we are wearing them. The ones I picked for my set are the perfect addition to any relaxed outfit for this season, and that’s was what I was going after. These two pieces together are just perfect, because both of them are comfortable and fabulous at the same time. The jeans are available up to size 32/ EU 60. The price of the boyfriend ripped jeans is 24.99. These jeans you can find online here:

Luann Rib Turtle Neck Crop Top is the third piece of the set. Because the ripped boyfriend jeans are little loose, the best choice for a top is something tight. Also with the jacket I chose, it would be a  mistake to wear a loose top. One of this years trends were also the crop tops, which we saw combined in every possible outfit. I can’t lie they look amazing and complete they outfit perfectly. The designers are continuing to create autumn and winter style crop tops, and as long as I can see they are making a perfect job. With a sleek fitted stretch fit and a wonderful wide ribbed knitted fabric, this sleeveless turtleneck crop top is the perfect addition to any girls casualwear this season. You can also pair it with high waisted blue skinny jeans and a statement bomber jacket, turn heads with a fantastic look that shows off a bit of midriff this season. This crop top together with the jeans and the bomber jacket gives you a casual and sexy look. It is made 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane and it comes in 4 different colors: Black, Cream, White and Wine. Price of the crop top is €12.55. You can find it online here:

Givenchy Paris Croc Embossed Ankle Boots are the fourth and the most eye catching piece of the set. Just when we see Givenchy word we already know that it is something glamorous and sexy. And we were not disappointed, as all the previous collections, Givenchy, which is a French luxury fashion and perfume house, with a brand of haute couture clothing, in this year too gave us a perfect collection. I chose this ankle boots, because leather is very trendy this year and the shape of the boots are perfect choice for the set. They have this 80’s or 90’s feeling and are perfectly combined with the bomber jacket. Paris Croc Embossed Ankle Boots Croc embossed leather upper with leather sole. They are made in Italy. Shaft measures approx 150mm/ 6 inches in height. Approx 65mm/ 2.5 inch heel. Side zip closure. The price of the boots is €1.073,18. You can find it online here:

Mcq Alexander Mcqueen - Convertible Box Backpack is the fifth piece of the set.Backpacks were the most choosen bags of this years, with the casual outfits, classic outfits, chic outfits, urban outfits, and more more other outfits. They came in different shapes and different materials. The one I chose for my set is leather material, because the boots are leather and it only makes sense that way. The backpack is very useful too, it’s not only as a piece to complete the look. Also because the boots were the ones of a very famous brand, I immediately thought that the bag also should be a famous designer. In my opinion I think that a perfect bag and a perfect pair of shoes completes an outfit. It gives the outfit the needed touches and shows us a perfect image. Add a beautiful blend of edginess and functionality to daily routines with this lightweight sheepskin leather backpack from well known brand Alexander Mcqueen, which was a British fashion designer and couturier. Riveting nail head studs and long zip pulls accentuate the wraparound compartments, while the pocketed interior offers a space to organize essentials. The price of the bag is 574. With this bag in my set I was complete and finally found what I was looking for. I know it can be pricey to choose designer clothes, shoes or bags, but as I said before this is more to help you about your outfit. It doesn’t have to be a famous designer or a expensive clothing, you only have to make the right choices and you can be fashionable with cheap clothes too. Truthfully that’s what I am doing, and I am very happy with the result. You can find it online here :

Bat My Lashes Round Cut-Out Sunglasses are a sixth piece that I usually use in my sets as a little touches to complete my looks. Sunglasses are a big part of my real life too. With every outfit I must have my sunglasses with me. But with these sunglasses you won't need to bat your lashes. They're flirty enough on their own. Round sunglasses feature circle lenses in a wire frame, with nosepads and cut-out metal accenting above each lens for a flared, eyelash-like, cat-eye-inspired look. This shape of the sunglasses is very trendy this year. The price of the sunglasses is 8.20. You can find them online here :

3PCS Silver Geometric Hollow Out Ring Set are seventh piece as a little touch for the outfit. To complete a outfit you need some jewelry, it doesn’t matter if it is a necklace, earrings or rings. For this set I decided to go with set of 3 piece silver rings. They are trendy and stylish at the same time. The price of the rings is €2.72.
You can find them online here :

Square Bracelet is the last piece of the set. This bracelet is also a little touch for the oufit. The bracelet is Tiffany & Co product, which is a luxury jewelry brand in New York City. Tiffany T square bracelet, in black-coated steel, medium. It looks amazing with the outfit. The price of the bracelet is 933.5.
You can find it online here :

I hope that this post was helpful to you. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I will be back soon with another set, maybe an elegant or a classic look. And don’t forget everyday to remind yourself that,
“ You don’t do Fashion, you are Fashion.”


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