Fashion Tips!

Hello guys I am here today to give you some fashion tips, which most of the time we don’t pay attention and make the mistakes that make our outfit look wrong in some ways.

All the girls or woman out there that are 1.60 or less tall need to pay attention to many details, because of their height they can make lot of mistakes and look even shorter than they are, one of them is ME.

 1.In the photos in the sides we can see the combination with the dress. It looks amazing with the jacket and the boots. Yeah and I am sure it will look better on the longer girls or woman. But all the other women that are short, including myself, will be looking shorter with this combination. From the fact that the boots are in a middle leg length and the dress in mid thigh length, which only lets a little part of the leg to be unclothed, it limites the leg and this makes the leg look shorter in the eyes of the public. But we can always avoid this problem if we still wear that dress and jacket but with different shoes, for example we have those red oxford woman shoes or the ankle boots with a little heel, which can ad a perfect touch to the outfit.

 2. Most of the woman out there are insecure about their weight and with choosing clothes that will cover their body part are making mistakes which leads them to get a look where they look even fatter than they really are. As you can see in the photo, that outfit is wrong in every way. Starting with the loose top, baggy pants, the scarf and the heels. It is time to say stop to the body shammers, everyone should feel comfortable on their body and be happy with themselves, because everyone deserves to feel fabulous and fashionable on their own skin. That’s why stop making those mistakes on your outfits and start to wear what you feel for, it will make you happy in everyday life.  First thing you need to do is to decide that when you wear wide leg pants or baggy pants your top definitely must be something tight or a short top and a belt that gives your body a shape. But if you choose to wear a loose top like that one on the photo, then your must wear tight pants or jeans, as you can also see on the photo below. It looks stunning isn’t it? Yeah and it looks comfortable at the same time too.

3.  Here we have a printed top, which I think it is amazing, specially for a casual outfit combinations. It’s an attention taker and it looks cool with the different colours on it. We have these kind of blouses, tank tops, crop tops, cardigans, sweaters etc. With much more prints and I personally love them, specially the floral ones that I wear all the summer, like that one on the photo, it looks so fabulous! Also that tank top looks pretty cool too. 

 The point of this paragraph about the printed tops is that I am trying to give you advice about the clothes you should pair them with. When you decide to wear this kind of a top, then you must wear one coloured jeans or one coloured pants, shorts, skirts, ect. It will be a total mistake to wear a printed bottom too, it will mess up all the outfit. Everything will look all over the place and neither part of the outfit will show their own beauty. You decide if you want your focus to be on the top and you choose a printed top, if you decide the focus to be on the bottom part you choose a printed pants which also are very trendy this year.

4. Another mistake that we can do while we chose our dress or top is the neck part. We need to be careful on this. The woman with longer neck can wear or chose to wear the Bateau or Boat neck dresses or tops just like the one on the picture. But is you have a shorter neck it will be a mistake to limit it with that dress neck. With a shorter neck better choice would be to wear a dress or top with a V neck or scoop neck, or simply anything that shows more skin on your neck part of the body. For examples you can see the dresses below.

 5. As I said earlier that there are longer woman and shorter woman too, and to avoid that feeling of insecurity we just need to do the right choices. Is better if woman shorter to choose mini length or below knee length dresses or skirts. When the flowy short skirt like that one on the first picture or tight short skirt like that one that we see on the second picture, our legs looks longer than they really are, but for a style change we can’t keep wearing the same skirt styles everyday, right? That’s why below knee length skirts are a good choice too.

This skirt looks amazing and stylish with the combination. And happily it doesn’t make us look shorter too. I must say that this length skirts and dresses are very trendy, in the both ways, flowy or tight skirt they show more of a 80 and 90 style. But be careful not to chose a knee length skirt. It will show your knee and only will let a little piece of a leg to be shown, which we can see on the picture and  it’s wrong. Those skirts must be worn by longer woman.

6. When your choice is for a dress like this, mid thight dress, you can combine it with pumps or sandals with straps that are trendy this year for example those on the picture.

The colours of the sandals are amazing, that can be combined with perfect dresses, skirts or tops. They show a little bit of elegance, chic and wild style at the same time.

But it will be wrong for shorter woman to wear a longer dresses with this kind of the pumps or sandals. If they still want to wear longer dress than you will need to chose something like those in the picture below.

Those shiny pumps or beige sandals are amazing and trendy too. I fall in love with both of the andI sure if I’m going to wear a longer skirt or dress my shoe choice would be something similar to those, because as I said I am short too.

Okay, so thank you. I would be happy if this paragraph will help you in someway. I will be back with more, till then have a great day. 


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