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Hello Fashion Lovers! Here I am today with another post. For today I decided to write a paragraph about a casual winter outfit. I had too much fun doing this set so i hope you enjoy it too. 


Balmain cropped turtleneck sweater- The first piece of this set is this amazing crop top. Black angora-wool blend cropped turtleneck sweater from Balmain featuring a ribbed roll neck, long sleeves and a straight hem. It's a perfect for a casual outfit. Either you can combine it like i did or you can combine it with a A-Line skirt or skater skirt, with some knee length socks and ankle booties. Both ways it looks stylish and very trendy this year. The price of this sweater is €1454 and yes for some of us it's expensive but there are to many other brand choices with this style of crop sweaters that are cheaper. You can find it online here: https://www.farfetch.com/uk


Re/Done cropped boyfriend jeans- The second piece of this set are the boyfriend black jeans. Black cotton cropped boyfriend jeans from RE/Done, with a little grey wash, that easily can be combined with different styles, for example with a fomarl shirt and some heels or like i did with those heels a a crop top or even with some sneakers and more casual top. Their style is more like 80s or 90s, which are very trendy this year. Anyways, the price of this jeans is €504 and you can find them online here: https://www.farfetch.com/uk


Mashama metallic bomber jacket- 
The third piece of this set is the bomber jacket, which i fell in love with. Gold-tone leather-cotton blend metallic bomber jacket from Mashama. These style bomber jackets are very trendy this year, they have a 80s or 90s style. Also this metallic colours are stunning which makes the outfit look more rich even if it is only a casual one. The neck part is also fabulous with the beige cotton fabric. You can combine it like i did or you can always try to combine it with leather pants or a skirt and some heels or boots. The price of this jacket is €748 and you can find it online here: https://www.farfetch.com/uk

Bow Pump in Black- The fourth piece of this set are the pumps. They you very cutewith the bow on them, but also they look sexy with their shape and golden heels. Their style is classic but casual and it is a good choice for both occasions, classic chic attire and casual chic attire. Their price is €890 and you can find them online here: http://hampdenclothing.com/


Shrimps Hubbard faux-fur clutch- The fifth piece of this set is the clutch. Brainchild of London College of Fashion alumnus Hannah Weiland, Shrimps is a playful ready to wear label inspired by the witticisms of modern art alongside innovative patterns and texture. Showcasing a sporadic print, the Hubbard faux fur clutch is the playful way to go about town. Lined with the label's signature whimsical characters and images, it's destined to become a casual favourite. It is a special piece and very trendy this year. The price of this clutch is €161 and you can find it online here: http://www.selfridges.com/ 

Metal Chain Statement Choker Necklace- 
The sixth piee of thisset isthe Choker necklace. It look very beautiful and unique with the black stones. Also it gives the outfit a spark. The necklace comes in two different colours, antique gold and antique silver. These necklaces are very trendy and stylish this year. The price of the necklace was €19, but now is on sale and it costs €17. You can find it online here: https://shophnh.com

Antique Gold Double Layer Moon Design Pendant Necklace
- The seventh piece of this set is the other long necklace i used. Because the jeans and the top are black, i decided that it will look better to add something more on the top part, that's why I chose this long necklace which at the same time goes perfect with the choker necklace, because they are in the same antique gold colour. It is a double Layer Moon design pendant necklace. The price of the necklace was €15, but now is on sale and it costs €10. You can find it online here: http://www.withchic.com/ Also must add that in that site you can find other things that are on seasonal sale, so I suggest you to go and check out. 

SheIn (sheinside) Gold Frame Brown Cat Eye Stylish Sunglasses-
And the final piece of this set are the sunglasses. The Brown Gold Cat Eye Casual Sunglasses are very special and stunning. They give the outfit a better touch and complete the look perfectly. They are trendy with the shape and colour they have. They come in four different colours, purple, pink, brown and blue. The price of this sunglasses was €15, but now they are on sale and cost €9. You can find them online here: http://us.shein.com/ Also check out the site for other things that are also on sale.

That was for today's post. I hope it is helpful and you like it. Till next time take care and have a great day. xoxo


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