Elegant Women!

Hello again guys! Here I am with another post. For this paragraph I decided to write about an elegant outfit combination. This months there are too many celebrations, starting with Christmas parties, New Years Eve parties, even too many winter weddings. For this set I chose a gown that is more appropriate for big parties or more formal occasions.
So let’s get started!

Alfazairy Couture 2015 - As the first piece for this combination I chose this amazing, gorgeous light pink gown. The is a Haute Couture gown, which is specially designed in the chest part. The handwork with little beads  and crystals is a masterpiece.  The V neck gives a sexiness to the gown. The other part of the gown is made from tulle fabric, which gives the dress the “Queen Dress” touch and it looks very rich with everything combined together. Must say that the thin belt detail is amazing which shows the shape of the body perfectly.  This precious gown you can find online here : http://www.orientpalms.com/

Dsquared2 Women 120mm Riri Lace-up Satin Sandals- As the second piece I chose this sandals that are in the same colour with the gown. Because this is an elegant- formal combination I don’t think is good to mix to much colours, also the gown is the main focus on this look and I don’t want anything to stand more than the gown. The sandals are made from satin material, also with satin covered heel. Wrap around leather laces and leather sole. There is a metal logo detail at back. They come in two different colours nude and black, and must say they make the feet look beautiful. The price of these sandals is €675. And you can find them online here: https://www.luisaviaroma.com


Benedetta Bruzziches - Velvet Carmen Clutch- As the third piece I chose this clutch made from velvet material. This clutch is handcrafted in Italy. The Benedetta Bruzziches quilted leather Carmen clutch is chic and feminine. Metal hand closure adds tough-luxe feel, and roomy interior is perfect for your cell, credit cards, lipstick. The prie of this clutch was €976, but now is on 50% sale and it costs €488. You can find it online here: https://www.ifchic.com

Effy Final Call Ruby and Diamond Drop- As the fourth and final piece of this combination are the special designed drop earrings. Prepare for an evening of enchantment with these feathery marquise-shape ruby and round-shape diamond drop earrings designed by Effy in 14k gold. They look very elegant and uniqe, which completes the gown. Their original price was €6972, then they were €6506 and now they are on sale and they cost €3253. You can find them online here: http://www1.macys.com/

That was the post for today. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it will be helpful. Thank you and have a great day.


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