Things to do in Barcelona - Part 3



 Hello guys! Here I am with another post about my Barcelona trip. I hope you enjoy!

Last post I wrote about Gothic Barcelona, which is a beautiful historical part of the city. But there are also other beautiful parts that are worth visiting.

1. Passeig de Colom

Is a beautiful street near the sea. There you can get from La Rambla, after the Columbus Monument. The street is full with palms. Also there is a marina with lots of boats, which I think gives that place a different beautiful view. Those days I were there, they were having a swimming contest for the festivals. Also it was a perfect place for cycling. In the middle there is road for cars.

2. Plaça de Ictineo 

Is a park in the end of the street of Passeig de Colom. The park has a very cool view, with people that are picnicking, some playing guitar with friends, others enjoying the weather with their dogs. It gives you the good feeling where you can do whatever you want and enjoy yourself. I suggest you this park. 

3. L'aquarium Barcelona

Is a aquarium located in Port Vell. You can get there from Placa de Ictineo. Inside the aquarium they have different types of fishes which i have never seen in my life, also writings and informations about them.

It was a place for a family events or parties, i loved it. Inside there was a store, with different sea products, such as chains, toys, gift products. I must ad that in the entrance, they took different interesting photos of people that were getting inside and then they were selling them.

4. El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria

Event & cultural space in a restored former market, with excavated city ruins from 1700s on display. You can get there from the street Passeig de Colom. You can find delicious food here.

5. Parc de la Ciutadella

Is a beautiful park that was created in late 1800s. The park is even more interesting and beautiful around the September festivals with lots of activities. During my trip there was a part where they were the cute trucks that were selling food, such as potato chips made by them, different corn specialities, fruit specialities and desserts. in front of the trucks were the eating tables, decorated with celebration flags and lights.
 It was magical, like those in the movies. In another part there was a concert, where they were singing and dancing with the crowd following them. In the other part people were playing around the green grass with their family, someone selling beautiful souvenirs ect.
In this park also you can find different historical monuments.

6. Arco de triunfo de Barcelona

Is a getaway built for an 1888 exhibition. It's a classical monument, with a unique architecture. It is conected to a park in front, wich was full during the festivals, with people that were selling homemade cheese, meat and wine. This was also a part with a different aura and that gave me different feeling.

7. Barcelona Zoo

Is a zoo park that is located in Parce da la Ciutadella. It is full with exotic animals in natural habitats, plus dolphins and sea lion shows. This was a big Zoo with a little kids playground inside. Also there was a store filled with products that symbolize the zooand animals. It is a perfect place to visit, specially for those with kids.


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